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After 42 years of racing my own car, I have retired from driving.
However, I will continue to provide
 excellent high performance products to the racing community.

FAB-TEK Customers in Action

Bill O'Kell, MGB #7

Butch McKenzie, MGB #7

Mike Kusch, MGB #79

Bob Van Gemert, MGB #770

Craig Chima, Elva Courier #91

Les Gonda, MGB #11

Les Gonda, Elva Courier #01

Jonathan McGrew, MGB-GT #57

Don Munoz / Marcus Jones, MGB #95

Don Kraftson, Elva Courier #34

Stu Hockman, Elva Courier


 FAB-TEK   Willow Hill Ltd
11588 Road 20,  Cortez, Colorado 81321-8738
970 564-5822
E-mail Dave at:

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Updated on December 23, 2019